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By "news" of course, we mean that which is new. Information, projects, ideas, that sort of thing. Maybe sometimes now and then you might find the "recent" and occasionally something quite "old" might find its way on to these pages. Possibly it could be in the form of an illustration, or perhaps I"m just behind the curve in some way. Enjoy.

Robots 3, 4 and 5

October 30, 2006 | bookmark | Leave a Comment

Painted three more robots over the weekend. One more in the japanese bad-ass series, and two a little different. I hope to get one or two of these screenprinted soon, and I might do a few other things as well. (More of the series here)
They don’t have names yet, any of them. So if you have suggestions, feel free to contribute.
(On a related topic, having “painted” my work digitally for the past ten years or so, I am having more fun than I expected painting with paint again. I want to try a few actual illustrations out with acrylic or gouache or that acrylagouache that bz got me into last year. It all feels so good…)