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January 19th, 2007 | 3 Comments

I’ve posted a dozen or more pictures of my studio to Flickr. Most of them are annotated. Comment and enjoy.

studio mosaic


  1. kim says:

    what do you do with all of those Syquest , floppies, now zips? I have boxes of them 😉
    Love the studio! May I ask, do you record your sampling on the mac? I recently purchased turntables for my son and we were trying to figure out how he might record that in garage band … it is all new to me.

  2. brian says:

    I made sure everything was erased and backed up on CD-Roms, then I just gave it all away. Craigslist. There is always a nerd who needs Syquests out there somewhere.
    As for the sampling, there are lots of esoteric ways to get the turntable into the Mac. Mine has a digital out, and my audio interface takes that. It can record straight into GarageBand. Otherwise, you need to plug the turntable into a pre-amp first, or something that has a turntable setting. Some people use the Griffin iMic. It seems to work pretty well.

  3. Ah – the comfort of the studio.
    (The ‘home’ within one’s house).


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