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By "news" of course, we mean that which is new. Information, projects, ideas, that sort of thing. Maybe sometimes now and then you might find the "recent" and occasionally something quite "old" might find its way on to these pages. Possibly it could be in the form of an illustration, or perhaps I"m just behind the curve in some way. Enjoy.

Beastly Bugs endpapers

March 9, 2007 | bookmark | Leave a Comment

I’ve been working on so much stuff that won’t be published or visible for months, so it’s nice to have something done that I can post! This design is for the endpapers for a book I’m working on called Beastly Rhymes for Knopf. It’s written by Judy Sierra. These are probably final, but not sure yet. I suspect I’ll be posting more here about this book later. It’s not to be published til summer 2008.
Beastly Rhymes endpapers