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Willie Nelson at The Fillmore

April 24th, 2007 | 7 Comments

Willie Nelson played The Fillmore in San Francisco for five shows last week and I was pleased to be asked to make one of the posters. I was asked to somehow include a guitar in the design, so I did that. The final was printed 4-color at 12×19 inches. If you happened to see the show, let us know how was it? I’ve never seen Willie Nelson play, but gee I’d like to.


  1. Linda Lee says:

    beautiful poster! Thanks for sharing. I didn’t make the SF shows, but I go see him and his family band whenever I can.

  2. Casey Mack says:

    Awesome design! My good friend down here in Texas is about the biggest fan of Bill Graham & the Filmore and has many books about the art created for the promotion of the show. Your design is awesome and captures the essence of Willie and the “Texas Singer/Songwriter” to a T.

    Got any for sale?

  3. brian says:

    Thanks Linda and Casey.
    I haven’t seen the posters yet. I usually get them a few weeks after the show. But when I do, I’ll get in touch.

  4. sis says:

    I would have had a little bit of braided ponytail peeking down from the top of the poster. Just cuz. I want one too!

  5. brian says:

    Well, actually, I wasn’t thinking so much that it was a portrait of Willie hisself. More like some dude with a guitar. But, sis, you’ll get one anyway. Tadaa!

  6. Adam says:

    Hey Brian, the picture disappeared. An’ I liked it an’ everything.

  7. brian says:

    Hi Adam. Fixed. Thanks for the note. Internal issues…

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