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New book: Camp Out!

July 14, 2007 | bookmark | Leave a Comment

Camp Out!

Two years ago, when I bought a ton of camping stuff and decided that I was going to teach the kids how to fight bears and survive in the wild with only a rubber band, gum, and a box of toothpicks, I went to the book store to find a good book about camping with kids. Surely there was one, right? Wrong. They were all poorly written, were ugly, or the recipes were dull.
So imagine my enthusiasm when a year later I get a call that Workman Publishing was making the very book that I wanted, and they wanted me to draw the funny pictures. I spent most of March and April working on this book called Camp Out!. I’m responsible for the cover and for the seventy-six “funny” illustrations throughout the book (as opposed to the “technical” illustrations that someone else did and that actually show you how to tie the knots and fight the bears and build the tent…).

So, today the kids and Sacha and I were looking for stuff to buy at the local B&N and look what we found in the kids’ section.

You should all run out and buy one (except mom and dad, who get a copy). It is a good book. Even if you don’t camp or have kids. And it’s got funny pictures.