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Yellow Pages advertisement

July 9, 2008 | bookmark | 1 Comment

Yellow Pages ad for AT&T

Yellow Pages illustration detail

Yellow Pages illustration detail

Last month I made this illustration for an ad for AT&T/Yellow Pages. It’s based on kind of a Where’s Waldo idea where the reader is asked to “find a golf instructor” or a piano tuner or an acting coach.
I devised this urban city park setting and populated it with I don’t know how many people and things. The final illustration was, by a large margin, the largest most complex illustration I’ve ever made. It was 30 inches wide by more than 40 inches tall, and it was created in two sections. It took 16 scans to get the whole thing into Photoshop, where it was colored. The final ad will run in newspapers, sporting-even programs (like minor league ballgames) and other locations. The ad agency can’t give specifics, so if you happen to run across this anywhere, please grab a copy and send it my way.
Bonus: free prize to anyone who accurately counts the number of people in the illustration. You can see the art much larger and with details on my Flickr page.