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Ten Trick or Treaters: Two

October 24th, 2008 | 8 Comments

This is trick-or-treater number two for the contest I am having. Give him a name, and tell us who he is. Winners announced on Halloween.


  1. Sarah R says:

    This is Dudley Morgan. He’s actually very frightened of the dark and he hates candy. But someone told him that mean people give out vegetables for Halloween and he’s hoping for some broccoli.

  2. david e says:

    On Halloween
    He’d prowl the streets
    Devouring all
    Those tasty treats.

    The cavities
    Came one by one
    And gingivitis
    Claimed the gum.

    The dentist
    Did what dentists do,
    With little left left
    When he was through.

    A ghoulish fiend
    with gaping maw
    and horns a-top
    I dub


  3. Sarah says:

    Mary Ann Gerke was going to dress up as a ballerina this Halloween, though you wouldn’t know it to look at her. She had gone into her closet to get out her costume, when she was accosted by a real live closet troll! The gruesome creature bit down on Mary Ann’s head, and while she was able to defeat the troll, she found that her head was stuck in it’s mouth, due to fast onset rigormortis. So, it looks like poor Mary Ann will have to be a troll for Halloween this year… and maybe for Thanksgiving and Christmas. How long does it take for a troll to decompose, anyway?

  4. Viv Rae(age 14) says:

    This is George. George is obsessed with trolls. He likes them so much that he decided not to wear a mask. George also decided if he couldn’t be a real troll then he look and smell like one. So first George shaved his head very carefully with his father’s electric razor, then George covered his face in as much green slime as he could find, then he superglued the plastic horns to his head. If you’re wonder how he could get his ears to be so, well that’s kinda how big they always are.

  5. Brad says:

    Reggie Van Cleeth
    bought a mask full of teeth,
    with the jawbone conspicuously gone.

    So the neighbor next door,
    (the fat one with the snore)
    smirked, “When you’re done,
    would ya’ please mow my lawn?”

  6. J. Thorp says:

    This frightening sight is called Keller
    He’s quite an unusual feller
    His head, you can tell
    Is shaped like a bell
    And his mask makes it look even beller!

  7. Laurie says:

    When Luci Fer-Son wore her mask
    She made the other children gasp.
    Not because it was so scary
    But because it wasn’t hairy.
    For you see, the horns on top
    Had been hidden in her curly mop.
    The horns stuck through, but not the hair –
    She got great candy everywhere!

  8. mitchell/bacon boy says:

    Mopey Moe
    Moves ever so slow
    From door to door
    He says ‘Yo’.
    If you saw him,
    You would know
    That he was no average Joe.

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