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Ten Trick or Treaters: eight

October 29th, 2008 | 7 Comments

Hello? Is someone there?
This is Trick-or-Treater number 8 of 10 for the contest to name and describe the character. Get started! Winners announced on Halloween.


  1. Sarah says:

    After six generations of work, the Collins family of Chesterfield, MO finally built the world’s first personal hovercraft. Making the maiden voyage is little Julia Collins, the great great great great great granddaughter of Old Man Collins, who had the idea in the first place. Julia is outfitted in her grandmother’s best sheet, because, “No granddaughter of mine is going out hovering on such a cold night without some proper cover up!”

  2. Ev says:

    Meet “Light as a Feather Heather” the ghost. Actually, she’s a poser, and is really just a tiny little light, like Tinkerbell. But Halloween gives her the ideal opportunity to expand her mass and fool her friends.

    Heather also has very sophisticated style, hence the sheet from Anthropologie.

  3. Brad says:

    The other kids muttered.
    Some were slackjawed, some stuttered
    as they watched Molly fly down the street
    But it was her time to gloat!
    She was able to float
    by simply not using her feet.

  4. Sarah R says:

    Every other little ghost
    Used to laugh at Willy Nost
    “Sure, you don’t have any feet…
    But you’ve got flowers on your sheet!”
    Willy just grinned and liked to boast.
    “My sheet’s approved by Emily Post!”

  5. Joe Koski says:

    This guy has no legs.

  6. mitchell/bacon boy says:

    Hovering Harold
    Made his apparel
    From the flower sheet of his bed.
    The other kids laughed and laughed
    and said he was a girl instead.

  7. Dave says:

    Spectrella Pastel.

    She’s not one for the trick or treat bag. She usually just eats the candy on the doorstep.

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