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Ten Trick or Treaters: nine

October 30th, 2008 | 3 Comments

Bzzt. Beep. There’s someone at the door. Aww a cute trick or treater! You give it some candy and close the door and then you wonder: Was that? What the?
This is Trick-or-Treater number 9 of 10 for the contest to name and describe the character. Go, get started! Winners announced on Halloween.


  1. Sarah R says:

    Little Brneep floats to earth,
    He loves to visit once a year.
    There’s no candy on his world
    Only rocks and fizzy beer.

    All Halloween he walks and knocks.
    “Trick or treat” are words he knows.
    He walked all night and gathered sweets
    Until the sun woke up and rose.

    He loves to visit all the houses.
    The moms all pat him on his head.
    “What a clever costume, dear, but shouldn’t you be home in bed?”

  2. Sarah says:

    Dhyojand was just passing through, when his ship’s computer picked up heavy concentrations of sugar coming from the small watery planet he was passing over. Never one to miss an opportunity to explore, Dhyojand flew down to Earth and followed the strangely dressed creatures who were flitting about. Having made a successful interception of some candy, Dhyojand decided that this strange Earth custom needed more study. Don’t be surprised if he shows up again next week!

  3. Steve says:

    I come from the planet
    Pernicular Gend
    I come for your candy
    Will you be my friend?

    We’ll rocket the cosmos
    And horde trick-or-treats!
    This planet’s now empty
    But that one has sweets!

    I’ll beam the sweets up
    through my belly-belt pipe
    It works very well
    If I send the right type

    So careful, be careful!
    Our plan will collapse
    If saltwater taffy
    jams up the pipe flaps!

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