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Ten Trick or Treaters: ten

October 30th, 2008 | 7 Comments

Is that a knock? Do you hear it? It sounds timid. It must be a fairy.
This is Trick-or-Treater number 10 of 10 for the contest to name and describe the character. Have at it! Winners announced on Halloween.


  1. abi says:

    harry. it is hairy.

  2. david e says:

    One night a year, on Halloween,
    The only night he can be seen,
    He paints his nails, hand and feet,
    And goes in search of trick-or-treat.

    He blends in with the costumed ghouls
    Who roam the streets in clumps and schools,
    “Are you a princess?” “A Bigfoot guy?”
    “Are you a fuzzy butterfly?”

    He gives them candy when they ask,
    “Hey, who are you beneath that mask?”
    He’s burly big, and very hairy,
    It has to be

  3. Sarah R says:

    Big Foot likes
    To trick or treat.
    The only problem
    Is his feet.
    Hard to find
    A pretty toe-shoe
    In a double
    Wide forty two.

  4. Sarah says:

    People always assume that fairies are tiny, beautiful creatures, but that’s only because no one has ever seen them close up. Now, with the advances in Macro technology, we are able to present to you this completely accurate depiction of what we now know to be the true face of the Sidhe. Not what you would have thought, is it?

  5. fraga says:



    : )

  6. Steve says:

    Leroy Bembles
    Often trembles
    But not on Halloween
    For powers fairy,
    Though big and hairy
    He has when he is queen
    Don’t be put off
    By lips like a trough
    Or a girth that can’t be denied
    For a grace smooth as butter
    When his wings go a-flutter
    Escapes from his hairy man-hide

  7. Dave says:

    Fangulina, Yeti Princess.

    A pixie stick is her scepter/wand.

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