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Mustaches for Kids: Day 1

November 13th, 2008 | 2 Comments

The lovely and talented Adam Rex convinced me to sign up for this thing wherein I will grow a mustache over the next 30 days, and it will somehow help underfunded schools. What’s not to like?
Of course, whether or not it helps the schools is up to you, since you need to go over to this page or follow the link on the thing there on the right, and donate a little cash.
According to the rules, I had to shave clean this morning, and I shall take pictures of the progress as often as possible. It’s not fair if you don’t pledge.
Yes yes, I asked for your money a few weeks ago for the brain cancer run, and I’m doing it again. It’s that time of year.


  1. Laurie says:

    that’s what I was going to say – what are you.. becoming the fundraising guy now??

  2. Sarah R says:

    Okay, I donated….where’s that moustache?

    Mr. Biggs said he’d grow oh so hairy.
    When I asked him how much, he said, “Very.”
    I’ve made him my pledge.
    And now I’m on edge.
    A moustached Monsieur Biggs will be scary!

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