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race cars #3 and #4

January 26th, 2009 | 4 Comments

Finished two more of the race cars. Each one is closer to what I had in my old head when I conceived of these things. I’m spending a bit more time planning them, and being a little tighter with the craft part of it.
I’ve two more to do for the show on Feb 8, and then I’ll see where to go next.
You can see how these are made on my Flickr page here.
race car collage #3
race car #5


  1. Sarah R says:

    Oh my gosh! I need that Gus racer! It would be perfect for my brother, who also plays the guitar (music) and does crossword puzzles with his sweetie all the time!

    You’re killing me here!

  2. Bobby.N says:

    These latest 2 look awesome Brian. Really a step up from the previous. The illustrative tactility (if thats even a phrase?) of them is crisp & ‘bubbly’.


  3. Victor says:

    These are great, Brian! I especially like Otto. If these cars were to actually race, my money would be on him.

  4. […] class wrapped up back on December 8. For my last project I printed a four-color race car inspired by the collages I made back last January. I’d been working on the art for this for a while and knew it was going to be a real bear of […]

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