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March 24th, 2009 | 13 Comments

I’m asking for a favor with this post. I would like to know if anyone can think of a kind of truck that begins with the letters K, Q or N. For instance, a Firetruck would be a letter F, a Moving truck is M, Elephant truck would be E. You get the idea. I need K, Q and N trucks. This can be a type of truck, like Pick-up truck. Or it can be what the truck transports, like Milk.
Just leave your idea in the comments. Much appreciated. You shall be thanked heartily.

a little fish truck

a fish truck


  1. Sean Ashby says:

    Noisy truck (like a rusty, old one that’s backfiring)?

    King cab truck?

  2. Hey, Brian! Great sketch!

    A Kei Truck is a small Japanese pickup truck ( Or maybe a Kite Truck that transports kites? Or a Knife Truck that has different things coming out of it like a Swiss Army Knife?

    How about a ‘Quick Fix Truck’ (like for a repair shop), a Quack-up truck of full of ducks (a Quack-up Duck Truck), or a Quick Sand Truck (maybe that spilled all it’s contents to the road and now it’s sinking?).

    And maybe a Noodle Truck, a Ninja Transport Truck, a Naked Truck (not sure what that’ll deliver), or a Numbers truck.

    That’s all I got for now. Looking forward to see what this is for!

    — Victor

  3. Adam says:

    Newspaper truck. Nougat truck (a tanker truck). Quicksilver (also a tanker). Quarter-ton pickup (doesn’t actually exist as far as I can tell, but maybe a tiny pickup would be funny). Ketchup truck (again, tanker). Kerosene. Kiwi. That’s all I have right now.

  4. Sarah R says:

    Nitrogen truck (tanker). Nut truck…okay, there probably aren’t trucks that only deliver nuts but it’s fun to say…..and perhaps it delivers lunatics.

    A truck full of ducks could be a quacker truck. I think you’d want that near your milk truck.

    A questionable truck. Is it a truck or isn’t it? (One of those weird half-truck, half-car thingies.)

    King-cab truck?

  5. brian says:

    Adam’s Newspaper Truck takes the ‘N’ category. So we can focus on K and Q now. Ketchup is pretty good. “Quarter-ton” is pretty oblique for the audience. Hmm.

  6. Joe says:

    When does the illustration come out? Will there still be newspapers by then?

  7. brian says:

    It will make it “classic.” Kids will run up to their parents and ask “what’s a ‘Newspaper?'” and parents will sit the kids down on their flying chair and say “back in the day, before we were all robots…”
    And warmth will reign.

  8. Adam says:

    A quarry truck? You know…a truck that carries stuff away from a quarry?

    A really quaint truck? With like, drapes and shit?

    A Quebecois truck?

    Kamikaze truck?

    A truck that’s kaput?

    A kennel truck, full of dogs?

    A kidnapper’s truck? Like, an unmarked white van?

    A knife-sharperner?

    Kosher hot dogs?

    Yes, I’m just skimming through the dictionary now.

  9. Bobby.N says:

    kangaroo truck
    karate truck
    kebab truck
    kitty truck
    knick-knack truck
    kung-fu truck

    quick truck
    quarter truck (only show 1/4 of it?)
    quilt truck


  10. david e says:

    K is for…

    kale truck
    kibble truck
    key truck (or key lime truck)
    koi truck
    kilt truck
    keyboard truck
    kid truck (goats and people)
    kitchen truck
    koala truck
    king’s truck
    kaleidoscope truck
    kaput truck
    kayak truck

    Q is for…

    quiz truck
    quaking truck
    quintuplet truck
    quality truck
    quartz truck
    queen’s truck
    quiche truck
    quote truck
    quirky truck

  11. Axel says:

    may I suggest…
    • knitting truck
    • knack truck
    • knocking truck
    (just wandering on a web dictionary, very interesting, especialy for french people, what I am)
    • quizzing truck
    • quiet truck

  12. Pop says:

    Try again!
    K-Kenworth truck as in a brand; Kibble truck, to haul puppy food; Knockwurst truck, to haul more food stuffs; Kool-aid truck, ’nuff said; King-size truck, as in the biggest, baddest on the road.
    Q-Quick truck, like unto a drag racing truck; Quizno’s truck, but you’d hafta pay them a royalty; Mr. Quattlebaum’s little truck; Quality truck, built to very high standards.
    N-Normal truck, regular street variet; Noisy truck (I think you already have); Nacho truck, as in taco stand on wheels; North pole truck, with those little tread/track thingys; Nature truck, enviro friendly.

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