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Scribbling Monster Diary for Galison/Mudpuppy

July 2nd, 2009 | 6 Comments

Last year I made this cover design for Galison/Mudpuppy for a diary. I just received a box of these books and they are just terrific. Nice 6 x 4.24 inch hardcover with a little padlock and two keys. They tell me that the journals are out there and on the Galison website here.

Scribbling Monster Diary cover

Scribbling Monster Diary interior

Scribbling Monster Diary back cover

I also made a puzzle for Mudpuppy a while back, and I have another puzzle coming out this next winter. Stay tuned for that.


  1. Adam says:

    Me like. Want for write private monster thoughts and feelings.

  2. Ev says:

    This is terrific! Lots of boys will use them to write about their snips and snails and monster tails.

  3. Bobby.N says:

    That is a freakishly good colour combination Brian.
    Great art & end result.


  4. mike lowery says:

    Brian (which I typed as “brain” at first), I love this. I sort of like how the monster isn’t so sure what should go in his journal…but he’s drawing (or writing, I guess) in it anyway. Looks great.

  5. […] I’ve done a few projects in the past for them, including the Air Land Sea puzzle and the scribbling monster journal. Here’s the puzzle […]

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