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See this pretty face?

November 12th, 2009 | 1 Comment

Get a good look. I’m shaving today for a good cause.
See, last month I ran a few miles for brain cancer and raised $750. Now I’m doing something much more difficult. Just as I did last year, I’ve signed up to grow a dorky mustache for a month. This has its benefits, of course, as I’m raising money for schools in doing so. Please visit my Mustaches for Kids: Donors Choose page and do what you can do.
Here’s info about M4K Philly.
So today I shave the mess that is my pretty face and will photograph the slow growth each day for a month. Stay tuned.

One Lone Comment

  1. I would do it with you, but people would look at me funny. Besides, I don’t need to look anymore like you than I already do.

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