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January 25th, 2010 | 2 Comments

a puzzle!

A year or so ago I drew an illustration of cars and trucks and stuff on a spaghetti-tangle of highways. This was commissioned by the fantastic toy-maker/card-publisher/gift-creator Mudpuppy and their art director Cynthia Matthews. I’ve done a few projects in the past for them, including the Air Land Sea puzzle and the scribbling monster journal.

Here’s the puzzle itself.

puzzle for Mudpuppy

This puzzle got delayed a bit in the production, but was finally released last week. It’s in a really nice little box and I’m very very pleased with the results. I got my small box of samples on Friday and immediately set to work putting the puzzle together. Furthermore, I recorded this process and made a movie which you can watch right here. Then, after you watch it, you can go to Mudpuppy’s website and order a dozen or two of them.

Oh yeah, music by Dance Robot, Dance.


  1. Luc Melanson says:

    Beautiful puzzle and fun video too. I’m ordering a dozen right now! 🙂 I really love all your work!!!

  2. Bobby.N says:

    You bring life back into things from the past Brian. Especially the industrial stuff like automobiles… my favorite.

    Keep scribbling.



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