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I’m a T.Rex Golden Book

May 15th, 2010 | 6 Comments

Little Golden Books
Well it’s out, and now I can safely say that when I retire as an illustrator and spend my days on the golf links in Boca Raton, I will have illustrated a Little Golden Book. I’ve loved Little Golden Books ever since I can remember. My grandmother’s house had a stack of them that belonged to my aunts and uncles back in the 50’s and 60’s, and I liked the goofy stories and wonderful illustrations. At the time, I knew nothing of the legacy of these illustrators like Richard Scarry, Tibor Gergely, Leonard Weisgard, and Alice and Martin Provensen. As I grew up and went to college and became a designer, I forgot about much of the Golden Books.

It was only much later, while I was working on a poster for The Kids in the Hall in 2002, that I rediscovered these works. Mary Blair’s I Can Fly, Garth Williams’ Mister Dog, the Provenson’s Color Kittens, and especially Scarry’s Rabbit & His Friends were the inspiration for this poster.

[singlepic id=16 w=400]

Last year I discovered a book called Golden Legacy by Leonard Marcus. It’s a history of Little Golden Books, and I was about halfway through it when I got a call from out of the blue, that the editors of Little Golden Books would like me to illustrate a new book called I’m a T.Rex, written by Dennis Shealy. Needless to say I fell over and was stunned.

I love drawing dinosaurs but I hadn’t had a chance to draw dinosaurs for a book before. Sketches commenced. The T. Rex had to be fierce and angry but I wanted him to be kinda cute and funny as well.

I'm a T.Rex! cover sketch

The work went smoothly and just this last week, on May 11, it was officially “published” and released into stores. I got my copy on Thursday. And like I wrote, I’m pretty happy to be able to be part of the “story” of Golden Books now. I sure won’t put my book up there in the same echelon as the Scarry, Gergely, and Prevensen books. But at least it’s now sitting on the same shelf…

I'm a T. Rex!
My Little Golden Book: I'm a T. Rex!
My Little Golden Book: I'm a T. Rex!


  1. Jonathan says:


    I just happened to come across your site and really liked your work…especially the Golden Book. If you don’t mind me asking, did an editor know of your work, or was recommended by a friend in the industry or do art directors randomly call you for work?:)…I’d love to do a golden book as well, as I’m sure every illustrator/cartoonist out there does…Anyway, great work and i’ve ordered my copy…

    Take care


    • Brian says:

      Hi Jon, thanks for the comment.
      I’m not really positive how they knew of my work at Golden Books. I’ve done other books for Random House in the past, so maybe that’s how. But in any case there’s no reason in the world you shouldn’t just get a hold of the editors/art directors at LGB and see if you can show drop by to show them a portfolio, or send them neat stuff in the mail.
      Art directors don’t randomly call anyone. I have a great literary agent for one thing, and people in the kids book business keep up with new work and artists. Good luck.

  2. Bobby.N says:

    That’s wonderful Brian. Congratulations. Did you have anything to do with the type/design in the book, or was it just the illustrations?



  3. Brian says:

    I designed the “I’m a T.Rex” type that’s used on the cover and throughout the book, but not the rest of the type. The layout in fact was pretty set in place long before I came to the project. They knew what they wanted on each page and where they wanted it for the most part. Normally that drives me crazy but because of the quick turnaround necessary on this book, it worked out really well.

  4. Hi brian i love your effort in d product & editing of d book. I love you so very mush. Keep on more effort.

  5. Alex says:

    Amazing bro, will be looking out for it for sure!!!

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