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brewing up trouble

June 10, 2010 | bookmark | Leave a Comment

Along with music and bicycles and the various other hobbies I have, I occasionally enjoy brewing a batch of beer. I’ve been a fan of beer since I first went to a homebrew club event in Houston with a friend of mine in the early 90s. I wasn’t much of a fan of the stuff before then, as all I knew was the Budweiser/Coors/Miller world, which is like thinking all steak is a McDonald’s hamburger.
Years later, the friend that took me to the homebrew event was working for a brewery in Hood River, Oregon. She and her husband sent me a book about homebrewing and a gift certificate for a starter kit at Home Sweet Homebrew here in Philadelphia. On Christmas Day 2004 I bottled my first batch of beer, and it was good. Since then I have made a half dozen more batches, and I’ve gotten involved with a small homebrew club based at a local church where my good friend Kirk is the priest. Kirk attends a lot of beer events and gatherings around town, and this last week the church helped run the opening of Philly Beer Week, an annual celebration of all things beer. When you’re the guy at the big event wearing the priest’s collar, you get some attention. So when Philly dot com needed to find someone (quickly apparently) who could show how beer is brewed, they called Kirk, and Kirk called me.
So yesterday we spent two or three hours brewing up a batch of a good dark Mexican lager as Litty Samuel from Philly dot com shot video and asked questions. The result is up today and it looks good. We don’t look as much like idiots as we were worried about.

If the embedded video below doesn’t work, you can see the movie here.

Note the t-shirt I’m wearing and the bottles of beer from a previous batch…