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ol’ four six eyes

August 24th, 2010 | 2 Comments

So after months of squinting at the computer and noticing that everyone in the car is seeing the billboards and roadsigns ahead before me, I found out yesterday that I need glasses. As the doctor said, forty-two years of 20/20 isn’t bad. He’s right, I suppose. My eleven-year-old son got glasses a couple of months ago, and I’m sure that the way I draw, with my face about eight inches above the table, drawing tiny little 2-inch sketches has never helped anything.

The funny thing is that when it rains it pours. The optometrist said that, well, he said that I’m a pretty good candidate for bifocals but he’d rather “start me off” with just two pairs of glasses. One is for distances beyond ten feet and the other is for nearer vision, within ten feet. I’m not sure which, if either, will be my day-to-day glasses. I can think of plenty of situations where both would be nice.

It was really startling, when after fifteen minutes of reading the small type through those various lenses that optometrists use he turned the lenses to some setting that really blurred everything. He asked whether I could read the projected alphabet, and I could not. He then tells me that this is my natural vision, and the reason that I could read it when I started was that my eye-ball muscles (or whatever) are working overtime to focus on things. It’s why I’m often squinting and probably why I occasionally get headaches. Go figure!

So, then I had to pick out frames. Since picking out frames is somewhat like shopping, I called Sacha, who biked over to the office and helped. They should be ready in a week, and I shall post a photo. Until then, here’s an artist’s concept sketch.


  1. Laurie says:

    I think you need to find a custom frame shop and have them make you some that look JUST LIKE THAT. I’m sure they’re out there.

    Your squinting has given you those cool crow’s feet that dudes look good with. I thought you squinted because you thought whatever people were saying to you was confusing. Go figure.

  2. Karen says:

    Wow…Really? Love the look. I know that I am much much much older than you but hey, I actually like the trifocals. I can see everything just by moving my head slightly up and down. However, when I first got them they made me a bit dizzy. They took some getting use to. Now I can actually see the clasps on necklaces as I put them on people at my show AND then look out at the guests and they have features instead of one big blur of a face. I use to get to ssslllliiiiidddeeee my glasses to the end of my nose (I know, what a cliche) during my shows. Now if that isn’t a dead give away that YOU ARE OLD I don’t know what is!!!!!!!

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