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Racing for Hope

October 11, 2010 | bookmark | Leave a Comment

My annual off-topic looking-for-donations post.
Many of you know that I hate brain cancer. Mom got a bad case of it two years ago, and last year she lost that battle. So each year I run in the Philadelphia Race for Hope, which is in support of research and work to vanish brain cancer from the planet. And I’m for that.

day 5: Mom at the pool

I have a few people I run with and we go by the name Team GoMom, which is in memory of my mom and in support of my friend Toni who is a breast-cancer survivor (we run the Komen 5k in May each year as well). And since this year’s race is coming up on November 7, I’m looking for people to run with us, and I’m looking for people to donate.

my mother

Please go to this page and do what you can.

day 1: mom takes pictures