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the daily grind

December 23rd, 2010 | 3 Comments

I got done drawing and inking the pages of Everything Goes just in time, as it was really starting to be a tedious chore. Oddly, the inking part of a project is always the most satisfying part of a book. Especially after the ink goes down and I get to use the white gouache to carve out the details. However with the small brushes and the lightbox and the 8 hours a day doing this, my arm was hurting. Like really hurting. So I was greatly relieved when the final touches were put on the trains and I could move on to the color.
Coloring a book like this has its ups and downs. Right now its all ups and I’m really liking the way it’s looking. Here for a little Christmas bonus are cropped sections from two of the big spreads in Everything Goes. You get taxis and other cars “with jobs” and you get trucks.


the daily grind

Happy Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year.


  1. Frank Daenen says:

    Funny you mention the ups and downs. I’m currently coloring and inking and I feel te same. Nice and peaceful, stressless inking, stressy and frustrating coloring. Usualy the third image will be a little less stressy. Have a nice christmas!

  2. Bobby.N says:

    I find the penciling and inking very therapeutic. The post colouring and refinements on computer are laborious to me. My mind always feels most satisfied after the ink dries on the page. Everything after that just seems like ‘work’. – Bobby.N — PS: Wonderful colours on these previews, Brian. Really.

  3. Bobby.N says:

    … I take it we’re supposed to be following the kid/dad in the purple car through this story? – 🙂

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