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July 19th, 2011 | 1 Comment

Everything Goes On Land cover

It occurred to me with the flurry of Everything Goes announcements last week that I didn’t even have a page in my Book section for Everything Goes. Well that’s been rectified. This page is a central depository for all things Everything Goes and it will be updated, likely quite often, as news and reviews and images appear once the book is out. At some point I may create a mini-site for the series, but for now this page will do.

One Lone Comment

  1. Bobby.N says:

    Oh man, simply beautiful. Takes me back to those great books I adored as a kid. The detection/adventure books, like ‘The Black Hand Gang’, and others where you had to scour the page for visual information to further yourself in the story and get to the end. Words and pictures together bubbling in a kids imagination… like Pepsi on ice. Love it. – B.

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