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“in the air” takes shape

December 9th, 2011 | 1 Comment

I’ve been cranking out illustrations for the second book in the Everything Goes series for the past many weeks, and will be doing so for the next many as well. Here are some edits from two spreads in the book. Two helicopters, and one showing part of a cutaway of an airliner. Stay tuned for more.
The book will be out next September.

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  1. Jeremy Holmes says:

    Hey Brian,

    Can’t wait to add this one to our collection. Everything Goes on Land has officially made it into the bedtime ritual. Speaking of which, I’m hoping you’ll sign my sons copy. Maybe once the holidays clear we can meet up and grab fries and a beer and I’ll bring the book along for your John Hancock. Have a wonderful holiday.

    Mutt Ink

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