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the harbor of my dreams, I guess

July 13th, 2012 | 2 Comments

So I’m working on the third installment of Everything Goes, and I’m sketching the final segment where a ferry is pulling into a harbor at the end of the book. The way I work, see, is that I first draw thumbnail sketches more or less from my head. I think about what I have in my imagination for this page or drawing, and get that down. Then I’ll look at photos and stuff and get some details and ideas of what the thing I’m working on actually looks like. In this case, I imagined this little beach/harbor community with taffy and surf shops, a small boat harbor, some jetties and docks, and a road full of cars that runs between the shops and the harbor. So I drew that.

The towns I had in mind are towns I’ve visited in my life. Towns like Camden Maine, Cape May New Jersey, and Sausalito California. Imagine my surprise when as I’m looking at pictures on the internets of Sausalito and this picture comes up. I mean, that’s kinda weird, right?


  1. Keith Logan says:

    And you had never seen a picture of Sausalito before you drew your sketch? That is extremely spooky. Maybe you should go into the psychic readings game as a sideline…

    • Brian says:

      I should clarify. I’ve been to Sausalito many times, though not since 1997, and I have a simple “map” in my memory of how it looks. With this picture in my noggin, I drew the sketch. So yes Keith, I suppose I could honestly say I’ve never seen a picture of the Sausalito harbor. But I don’t want to give the impression that I conjured the scene from the ether, however.

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