Frederick & Eloise

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Frederick & Eloise is sort of a comic book drawn while living in Paris in 1991 and published by Fantagraphics Books in 1993. At the time I was living in a large living room of an unusual sixth-floor apartment near Place Pigalle, in Paris France. I was madly in love with comics by Jacques Tardi and Edward Gorey, films by Jim Jarmusch (especially Stranger than Paradise) and the Coen Brothers, and the photographs of Jacques-Henri Lartigue and Eugene Atget.

Frederick & Eloise began as a paragraph scrawled on a restaurant tablecloth before evolving into the series of illustrations it became. The original idea for the comic book was to have one panel per page, much like many of Gorey’s books. When Fantagraphics published the book, they decided to print it four to a page. One day I’d like to see it re-published in its correct format.

Frederick was my first published book. Here are a few illustrations from the interior.

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Rick Klaw has a fantastic page on his blog with Frederick as the subject. He got the very first copy of Frederick when Fantagraphics published it in 1993, and he has some other interesting stuff up from the old days here as well.

In 2002 I was asked to “show” Frederick & Eloise at the Prince Music Theatre in Philadelphia. So I narrated it and added music by Tin Hat Trio and Frederic Lips.

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