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Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Mini Puzzle

A while back I made a big puzzle for Mudpuppy with the theme “Air, Land, and Sea.” Recently they asked me to make another puzzle, a little smaller for the 3+ crowd, with more cars. Last night this thing got finished and will be out June 2009.
As you probably know, I really really like drawing cars and trucks and things that go.

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Today is the official release date for Beastly Rhymes, a book I illustrated last year. It’s written by Judy Sierra and is all creepy monster poems about giant squids, haunted zoos, carnivorous leopards, and angry insects. The coolest thing, see, is that the book is furry. Really.

Read more about the book here.
Available at Amazon, of course, as well as fine local independent book stores all over.

Beastly Rhymes coverBeastly Rhymes interior

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Yellow Pages ad for AT&T

Yellow Pages illustration detail

Yellow Pages illustration detail

Last month I made this illustration for an ad for AT&T/Yellow Pages. It’s based on kind of a Where’s Waldo idea where the reader is asked to “find a golf instructor” or a piano tuner or an acting coach.
I devised this urban city park setting and populated it with I don’t know how many people and things. The final illustration was, by a large margin, the largest most complex illustration I’ve ever made. It was 30 inches wide by more than 40 inches tall, and it was created in two sections. It took 16 scans to get the whole thing into Photoshop, where it was colored. The final ad will run in newspapers, sporting-even programs (like minor league ballgames) and other locations. The ad agency can’t give specifics, so if you happen to run across this anywhere, please grab a copy and send it my way.
Bonus: free prize to anyone who accurately counts the number of people in the illustration. You can see the art much larger and with details on my Flickr page.

Monday, May 12th, 2008

This Saturday and Sunday is the Philadelphia Book Festival at the Main Library. I’ll apparently be an “event” at the festival itself on Saturday and I hope you can make it over to see whatever it is I’m doing. I’ll be on the “Target Children’s Stage” at 3:00pm.

Rumor has it that there will be a Q & A session. So come up with the question that you’ve always wanted to know the answer to. (My favorite color is “rainbow” so don’t ask that one.) And then I’ll be signing books. They’ve ordered lots and lots of early copies of the new Roscoe Riley books that will be in stores later this month, as well as all the other stuff.

In addition, sometime on Sunday, not sure when, I’ll be signing Shredderman books with Wendelin Van Draanen. This is our very first signing together and I’m pretty excited. We will be at the Children’s Book World booth, so check in there and find out what time it’s to take place. Then, if you happen to see me, let me know too.

This is all good news, yes. But the other shoe has to drop, right? Well yes indeed. At the same exact moment that I’ll be acting all famous and whatever on Saturday, the slightly more talented and much better looking Adam Rex will be doing the same in the Children’s Story Hour Room, also at 3pm. So you must decide between us, and we’re both taking names…

Here’s the link for the festival.
And the link for my little event on Saturday.

We’re praying for decent weather, so please come in any case.

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

These three books, written by Katherine Applegate and published by HarperCollins, are coming out on May 27. They are the first three of a series of six and possibly more chapter books, for which I am illustrating the covers and interior illustrations. Roscoe is a nice kid who keeps getting into trouble. The stories are really cute and perfect for kids just learning to read. I spoke to someone at Children’s Book World in Haverford yesterday who told me that they expect these to sell like gangbusters.
You don’t have to wait for May 27, however. If you come to the Philadelphia Book Festival on Saturday May 17, you can get your copy then. I’ll be there signing and talking at 3pm.

Monday, March 17th, 2008

I finished this illustration last week for the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Book Festival coming up in May. It will be posted all over and they’re running ads in the papers and hanging banners on Market Street.
Look close and find all the various odd book-lovers. I’d love to have used actual literary characters but I probably could not have cleared copyrights, and it would have added weeks to the amount of time I’d need.
I’ve got details of the poster uploaded on Flickr as well.

Thursday, November 29th, 2007


A new book about children’s books was just published and I’m interviewed in it. Written by Martin Salisbury, it involves showing some work and interviewing many of my favorite artists inclucing Alexis Deacon, Shaun Tan, and Sara Fanelli. It’s mostly European and Asian in direction. The only two Americans, in fact, are J. Otto and myself. Go get it. I’m in some fantastic company and I’m just really pleased. (For the record, the quote regarding Lane Smith was misinterpreted. I was going to play accordion at one Lane Smith signing, but it never actually happened. Lane’s cool with it…)

me again

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

One Beastly Beast, the book by Garth Nix that I illustrated, got a nice review in the August 6 Publishers Weekly…

One Beastly Beast (Two Aliens, Three Inventors, Four Fantastic Tales)
Garth Nix, illus. by Brian Biggs. HarperCollins/Eos, $15.99 (176p) ISBN 978-0-06-084319-9
Successfully training his sights on a middle-grade audience, the acclaimed Nix (the Abhorsen trilogy) presents a quartet of wacky yarns set in fantasy-laced worlds and topped off with plenty of wordplay. In the first, Peter is on his way to return DVDs to the rental store when four rats dressed as pirates steal them. (“We be video pirates, and those there discs will fetch us a pretty sum.”) A crew of Navy rats escorts the boy down the sewer to “the Neverworld,” where he helps defeat the bread-wielding pirate Blackbread. The second caper stars a bored princess, daughter of a former “full-time warrior maiden” and a wizard, whose quest for adventure brings her inside a “magical clockwork monster” that she erroneously expects is planning to attack her kingdom. A third tale introduces a boy living in an orphanage who finally finds his parents after escaping adoption by pirates and the reach of a pair of “hideously squidgy, lumpy, slimy, sweaty, yellow-tentacled, bulbous-eyed aliens,” and the final story centers on one of 17 sisters who helps her town face a sea serpent that is damaging boats, capturing girls and turning them into “penguinmaids.” Biggs (the Shredderman series) renders even the most monstrous creatures as ludicrous rather than gruesome in his lighthearted cartoons, laid out here with wit and a good eye for visual rhythm. Ages 7-11. (Aug.)

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

One Beastly Beast070728_one-beastly-beast_011s.jpg
Following close on the heels of the aforementioned camping book, and this little book about a boy wizard and a magical boarding school comes Garth Nix’s One Beastly Beast (Two Aliens, Three Inventors, Four Fantastic Tales). Published by Harper Collins, this is a collection of four stories. I made the cover design and all the interior illustrations. It was fun to get to draw pirate rats, slimy aliens, mouse pilots, robot monsters, sea serpents, penguin girls, and a princess based on my very own daughter. And the stories are a lot of fun to read, as well.
Grown-ups will like it too, as the photo shows.

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

Camp Out!

Two years ago, when I bought a ton of camping stuff and decided that I was going to teach the kids how to fight bears and survive in the wild with only a rubber band, gum, and a box of toothpicks, I went to the book store to find a good book about camping with kids. Surely there was one, right? Wrong. They were all poorly written, were ugly, or the recipes were dull.
So imagine my enthusiasm when a year later I get a call that Workman Publishing was making the very book that I wanted, and they wanted me to draw the funny pictures. I spent most of March and April working on this book called Camp Out!. I’m responsible for the cover and for the seventy-six “funny” illustrations throughout the book (as opposed to the “technical” illustrations that someone else did and that actually show you how to tie the knots and fight the bears and build the tent…).

So, today the kids and Sacha and I were looking for stuff to buy at the local B&N and look what we found in the kids’ section.

You should all run out and buy one (except mom and dad, who get a copy). It is a good book. Even if you don’t camp or have kids. And it’s got funny pictures.