Everything Goes label tests

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Click on the thumbnail, and then the illustration to see it much larger.

I have two version of the RV, and six (!!) of the first big street spread. There are also some variations in the line color on the street spreads. I’m fairly certain I’ll be using the darker of the line colors. As for the labels, I’m leaning toward the words with no background/boxes around them (version 6). The idea being that there are different levels of information available to the kid reading the book. For instance, at first we read the dialog between the boy and his dad in the purple car (our main characters throughout the book), then see all the different kids of cars. The labels are there on a second pass and do not need to stand up and scream at us, as I believe the yellow and white labels do.
However, I run into problems in both cases where the label crosses over into a lighter section of the illustration, like on the sidewalk. I’m not a big fan of keylines and drop shadows, but I’m not sure how to solve this particular issue yet without something like that.

The RV, to me, clearly works best with the 2nd variation — that of the labels with no boxes.

Feedback appreciated. (brian at mrbiggs dot com) Thanks.