Trick or Treaters Revealed

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Trick-or-Treater no.1: Gina McFarland
This is Gina Mcfarland. She wanted a pet bat for her birthday (October 13), but instead her mother gave a cat. Gina also wanted to buy her own mask for Halloween but her said she needed to be more creative and made Gina make her mask instead. Poor poor Gina never got any candy because she scared her only neighbor, who was very elderly to death, with the sight of her homemade mask.
Viv Rae

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Trick-or-Treater no.2: Mopey Moe
Mopey Moe
Moves ever so slow
From door to door
He says ‘Yo’.
If you saw him,
You would know
That he was no average Joe.

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Trick-or-Treater no.3: Petticoat Pete
Petticoat Pete doesn’t trick or treat
In fact, he doesn’t even eat
He simply found this lost bag of children food
And, thinking he might do some good,
Went door to door saying “lost and found”
But with no lips the only sound
He seemed to make was grinding teeth
Oh, and it just so happened to be Halloween.

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Trick-or-Treater no.4: Untitled (Grand Prize winner)
“Give me fish,” she asks so nice,
“Or maybe milk or two fat mice.”
Odd choices for a trick of treat…
Some liver, chicken… any meat.
But wait! There’s nothing ‘neath that hat!
That girl’s a costume for the cat!!
Sarah R

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Trick-or-Treater no.5: Wayne
The poor-sighted tot,
though a fine cardboard ‘bot
was actually young Wayne Preston Hollander.
But as he rolled down the lane,
his mother screamed “Wayne!”
“Don’t you dare take my only good colander!”

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Trick-or-Treater no.6: Simon
If you’ve told him once, you’ve told him 100 times, “Don’t climb up on the roof of the porch! You’re bound to fall off and break your head open!” But does he ever listen to you? No. He’s just like his father. In one ear and out the other. So, you leave him up there, all 35 pounds of him, trusting that if he does fall, he’ll at least land in his pail, so you don’t have so much to clean up. “You hear me, Simon?! Don’t make me come out there!”

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Trick-or-Treater no.7: Otis Owens
Otis Owens, forty two,
Isn’t quite like me or you.
He loves to chew on bubble gum,
And at night he sucks his thumb.
He wears a costume every day
And doesn’t care what people say.
He isn’t quite like you or me,
Otis Owens, wild and free.
Sarah R (again!)

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Trick-or-Treater no.8: Hovering Harold
Hovering Harold
Made his apparel
From the flower sheet of his bed.
The other kids laughed and laughed
and said he was a girl instead.
Mitchell (again!)

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Trick-or-Treater no.9: Little Brneep
Little Brneep floats to earth,
He loves to visit once a year.
There’s no candy on his world
Only rocks and fizzy beer.
All Halloween he walks and knocks.
“Trick or treat” are words he knows.
He walked all night and gathered sweets
Until the sun woke up and rose.
He loves to visit all the houses.
The moms all pat him on his head.
“What a clever costume, dear, but shouldn’t you be home in bed?”
Sarah R (3 times!)

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Trick-or-Treater no.10: Harry
harry. it is hairy.