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Everything Goes goes…

April 24th, 2013 | 2 Comments

I'd like to first announce that this past Friday at 8:19pm, I completed the third and final Everything Goes picture book, called Everything Goes: By Sea. Due to some things over the last six months like a book tour in September, my wedding in October, a week of jury duty in November, and breaking my hand in December, this book was late late late. I'm sure that everyone at HarperCollins was pulling their hair out by the time I got the final illustration complete and turned in, but overall they were very nice not to tell me about it as I madly completed the work over the last few weeks. The very very final piece that I did was the endpapers, which I have a part of here for you to look at.


What was the last part of this that I drew? It was, appropriately, the word "WOO" on top of the small water taxi.

Now, this isn't the end of Everything Goes. I still have one more board book to complete, and then there will be parties and fireworks when this book is published in September. But as I've been drawing cars, trucks, airplanes, and boats pretty solid since about 2007 as I conceived of, worked on, and completed this book series, I'm very excited to hit "save" and spend some time now making other things.*

In other Everything Goes news, I was surprised to find this big box of books in my mailbox this morning, full of several copies of the Complex Chinese version of Everything Goes: On Land. Two different publishers are making versions of Everything Goes in China. One is this one, published by Global Kids in Taiwan, and the second one is translated into Simplified Chinese, and published by Tianjin Maitian. Now, I don't really know the difference between complex and simplified Chinese, nor do I know how or whether they are different from Mandarin or other kinds of Chinese. If any readers know the answer to this, I'd very much love to know about it.

I was skeptical whether this book would be possible to translate, what with the gazillions of labels and signs and details all over the place. However, the publisher did a knock-out job with this, even using the textures and outlines and stuff that I did on the original. It must have been some really tedious work, even more since they had to translate what I made, where what I made was often kind of random. Again, I'd love to know how close they got, especially like on the food trucks and some of the other details. Let me know if you can read any of this and I might have a book to send you.

130424_everything goes complex chinese_009

130424_everything goes complex chinese_003

130424_everything goes complex chinese_004

130424_everything goes complex chinese_005

130424_everything goes complex chinese_006

130424_everything goes complex chinese_008

130424_everything goes complex chinese_010

* In addition to the final Everything Goes board book, I'm illustrating a picture book written by Kelly DiPucchio and the sixth EllRay Jakes book by Sally Warner, both to be done by June; and I'm giddy to start a new series called Frank Einstein, Boy Scientist that is will be six books, written by Jon Scieszka. It has robots.


  1. Josephine says:

    Dear Mr. Biggs,

    I am Josephine, from Hong Kong. I bought your two Everything Goes (Traditional Chinese version) for my son (22 months) via an online bookstore ( from Taiwan a couple of weeks ago. I was first attracted by the Chinese name of the book “On Land”, it was translated as 5 Chinese words – “many many cars”, I was like “WOW” with my eyes *blink*, my son loves cars!! After preview of the pages (, I bought it right away.

    I did not know the size of the book until it was delivered, was very surprised, and my son loves it. Later, I found you have another one – In the Air, book name was translated as “many many planes”, I bought it immediately! (

    My son loves “In the Air” more than “On Land”, actually when I read the book first time (alone) I found it very interesting, I spent more than half an hour reading the book with my smiling face :), and it is very interesting with the idea of the missing babies, we look for the babies.

    I recommended your books to my colleagues and friends, and now I am looking forward to the Traditional Chinese version of “By Sea”, do you know about when it will be released?

    Thanks for your hard work, and looking forward to your new books.


  2. Brian says:

    Thank you for the comment here and sorry it's taken time to reply. I've always wondered how the translation was done and whether it's accurate to the letter, or to the spirit of the words in English.
    I do not know when the publisher will be putting out the third Everything Goes book. There was about a year between the first and the second book, so I would think the same would be true for the third one as well. Maybe the publisher mentions it on their website somewhere?
    Thanks again for the letter and I hope your son likes "many many boats" as well as he does the airplanes.
    -Brian Biggs

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