the motion section

Videos and movies in a variety of techniques and methods, made for purposes real and imagined. Please enjoy.

trailers for Everything Goes: In the Air

Two trailers for the second Everything Goes book. I did the music as well. Much more info about this and the book right here.

drawing a drawing

Drawing a page from Brownie & Pearl. Music by Whoopee John Wilfahrt. More info about this video here.


Putting a puzzle I illustrated together, very very quickly. Music by Dance Robot Dance

making faces

Carving pumpkins for halloween. Time-lapse. October 2009.


Following my kid around on his bike. He loves his bike. Music by Dance Robot Dance.

cloud watching

Cloud watching. Music: Dance Robot Dance.

a ride in the park

A timelapse movie of a ride to the beach through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. This was shot on Super 8 film in 1997. Music by Dance Robot Dance.

stop metric madness

A video for the band One Ring Zero. The song is called Stop Metric Madness. This appeared on their DVD compilation of videos called “Addendum.”


Watching the snow out the window of my old studio. Music by Dance Robot Dance.


Celebrating the publication of the seventh book in the Roscoe Riley series. Music by Dance Robot Dance.

un mode de transport

A short animated piece I created in February 2004 for the publication of my book Un Mode de Transport. This was created in Flash and I made the music with Propellerhead Reason.


In August 2009 we helped build a playground. Music by Dance Robot Dance.

frederick and eloise

This is my graphic novel Frederick & Eloise set to music, with narration. Music by Tin Hat Trio and Frederic Lips.

flying for make magazine

A very short animated thingy made for Make Magazine. The drawings were created in ink and scanned and animated in After Effects.


High above the East River in Manhattan… Music by Dance Robot Dance.

wilson’s first character movie 2

Spent a saturday back in 2003 with my kid making a stop motion movie. He directed. Music by Hector Varela.

walking funny

Horsing around in my mother’s front yard in Arkansas. Music by Dance Robot Dance.

april 16

My kid are willing subjects for my animation needs. Music by Dance Robot Dance.

bike jumping (with brian and jon)

A little mountain bike fun. The music is, I believe, Foggy Mountain Breakdown played by Gil Trythall on a Moog synthesizer.