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making faces for halloween

October 28th, 2009

Last weekend we carved a couple of pumpkins for Halloween and, as per the usual, I documented it thoroughly. Each of the kids made up a face and drew it onto a pumpkin, and then I carved them. The movie was made by shooting 662 still images with a timer set to take a picture every five seconds. When this was done it was edited together using Quicktime and Adobe Premiere. The music is The Vanguards’ 1963 version of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg.
Happy Halloween all y’all.

Space Vacation for Nickelodeon

May 7th, 2009

Last week I made this illustration for the July 2009 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine. The story is something along the lines of questions people wanted to ask. The question illustrated herein is “when will we take vacations in space?”
The answer, as we all know, is the year 2023. Probably sometime around late April.
And if you haven’t tried it already, you should spend a couple of days drawing rocket ships and planets like I did. It’s way fun.

Space Vacation

Update: here is the illustration in the magazine.

Space Vacations illustration in Nick Mag

cover illustration for Kids Guide

April 1st, 2009

Published today is the new issue of Kids Guide. This is a free magazine for parents and kids in the LA and Orange County area. The article is about fun, cheap and free things to with kids and families this summer. It’s my second cover for Kids Guide and I’m really happy with both of them.
cover illustration for Kids Guide

I’m Miss November

November 3rd, 2006

I'm Miss November

Finally. I’ve been looking forward to November all year! Last year, I did a page for the 2006 National Public Radio calendar. It’s a family sitting around one evening listening to the radio (presumably excited about the prospect of good reigning over evil come this election-Tuesday). The tv, video games, magazines, etc are all turned off and put away, and happiness and joy fill the room. Or something like that.
Here’s a game: go to the flickr link (click the pic) and guess which famous NPR peeps adorn the walls. Leave a note! Can you recognize Ira Flatow? I can. A bigger link is here.
(Also, I have a million of these calendars. If you’re willing to paypal the postage, I’ll happily send you one…)