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I’m Miss November

November 3, 2006 | bookmark | 1 Comment

I'm Miss November

Finally. I’ve been looking forward to November all year! Last year, I did a page for the 2006 National Public Radio calendar. It’s a family sitting around one evening listening to the radio (presumably excited about the prospect of good reigning over evil come this election-Tuesday). The tv, video games, magazines, etc are all turned off and put away, and happiness and joy fill the room. Or something like that.
Here’s a game: go to the flickr link (click the pic) and guess which famous NPR peeps adorn the walls. Leave a note! Can you recognize Ira Flatow? I can. A bigger link is here.
(Also, I have a million of these calendars. If you’re willing to paypal the postage, I’ll happily send you one…)