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screenprinting class: part 3

October 21, 2009 | bookmark | 4 Comments

Last night was week four of my screenprinting class at The University of the Arts. Last week I printed the first color of my two-color vampire print and got as far as burning the second stencil into my screen and readying it for printing the second color. I got fifty prints pulled, of which ten were screwed-up in various and delightful ways. What that means is that I have ten “waste” prints in which to make sure my second ink is the right color and consistency, and my registration is good.
On Sunday, Sacha and I spent a few hours at UArts putting down the second color. I mixed my purple from a pre-existing tub of bright pink, but realized a few prints in that this was possibly a mistake, as the pink apparently was mixed with a lot of white which made the color much more opaque than I wanted.
screenprint class week 3.5: preparing ink
screenprint class week 3.5: making purple
The original idea was to have the purple overprint the green in some areas, and the mix of the two colors would create a very dark brownish color, contrasting with the pure purple where it does not overprint the green. However, since the purple was so opaque, the green did not show up much though it. This looked ok but rendered some of the details, like the buttons and the little middle area of the vampire’s mouth, pretty-much invisible.
After a couple of prints like this and a little cursing, I dumped a big glob of transparent extender into my tub of purple. This is supposed to do pretty much what it says. It makes the ink more transparent while not really changing the color. I scraped the old ink off the screen and replaced it with this new, thinner ink. Problem solved.
I pulled the remaining prints as Sacha racked them and took pictures. Here are several from the afternoon.
screenprint class week 3.5: ready to print
screenprint class week 3.5: glop
screenprint class week 3.5: printing
screenprint class week 3.5: boo
screenprint class week 3.5: pulling a print
screenprint class week 3.5: the posters

Out of fifty prints, thirty-six are perfectly acceptable.
screenprint class week 4: the finished print

The other fourteen are in various and often-humorous errors.
screenprint class week 4: interesting mistake

We looked at the results tonight in class with the critical eye of printer/designer JP Flexner as a guest. JP showed his posters and pictures of his basement studio.
Unlike my letterpress class two years ago that convinced me that I really wasn’t interested in letterpress, I’m pretty giddy about screenprinting after my first poster. I have a long list of prints of varying degrees of complexity and difficulty that I want to make. Next week we’ll begin poster no.2. I’m thinking of doing a variation of the race car collages I made earlier this year. I’ll post more about this later.
Here’s a link more photos that Sacha took.

And here’s the entire set of photos from my Flickr.