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By "news" of course, we mean that which is new. Information, projects, ideas, that sort of thing. Maybe sometimes now and then you might find the "recent" and occasionally something quite "old" might find its way on to these pages. Possibly it could be in the form of an illustration, or perhaps I"m just behind the curve in some way. Enjoy.

Roommates no.56

May 4, 2012 | bookmark | Leave a Comment

In which the entire series is revealed to be nothing but a dream, Dallas-style, and where it’s made clear that the author has some work to do before he is to be taken seriously as a writer and halfway decent cartoonist. Thank you for watching. It’s been a productive twenty-five years since these strips were first published and it’s been fun to go back and read them again over the last few months.

First published May 1, 1987 in the North Texas Daily, Denton, Texas. These are being archived on one page here.