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By "news" of course, we mean that which is new. Information, projects, ideas, that sort of thing. Maybe sometimes now and then you might find the "recent" and occasionally something quite "old" might find its way on to these pages. Possibly it could be in the form of an illustration, or perhaps I"m just behind the curve in some way. Enjoy.

Imaginary Ornithology

October 15, 2021 | bookmark | Leave a Comment

I’ve been drawing a lot of birds lately. Sacha has started down the rabbit hole — wrong metaphor of course — of birding and I’ve been riding her coattails, reading guide books and staring at colorful little beasts up in random trees with binoculars. Of course, the imagination wanders and I started drawing my own birds.

A few weeks ago I came across a call for entries for a show at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles. I’m a fan of this gallery, as they specialize in animation art, illustration, and surrealism. A few colleagues show there, and I’ve thought about sending stuff in for a while. I feel like the pencil drawings I’ve been making over the last year are the first work I’ve done that would really fit into a place like this. They set a limit of six entries per artist, and I was sort of beside myself when I learned that all six of my birds were accepted.

The show is called Power in Numbers. It’s a one-night show, each piece is priced at $100, and everything is 5 x 7 inches. It’ll be up for one night, November 19, at Gallery Nucleus in LA.