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These are books, mostly for children, that I've illustrated, or written and illustrated. You can click on the book cover or the title and find a lot more information from each book. I've also added a comics section here as well, which you can find by clicking here or the "comics" link on the far left.

Sullivan, Who is Always Too Loud

by Micol Ostow
Roaring Brook Press

Sullivan is loud. Too loud. But loud isn’t always bad… published Nov 3, 2020

Bike & Trike

by Elizabeth Verdick
Paula Wiseman Books, Simon & Schuster

I like riding bikes. I like drawing bikes. Elizabeth Verdick wrote this tale of a well-loved but outgrown Trike dealing with the arrival of brand new and cocky Bike. Hijinks and adventure! Feb 25 2020

The Space Walk

Dial Books for Young Readers

Randolph Witherspoon, an intrepid astronaut wants to go for a walk. But first he has to eat some lunch, clean his room, and do some chores. Sound familiar? Things take a surprising turn when Randolph does get outside. I’m really excited about this book. My first proper standalone picture book. Oct 29 2019

What Kind of Car Does a T.Rex Drive?

written by Mark Lee

Everyone has always wondered what kind of car a T.Rex would like to drive, right? Well, the question will finally be answered in this riveting drama by author Mark Lee. Bonus material: learn what kinds of cars Triceratops, Pterodactyl, and Stegosaurus drive as well.

(This is Not a Normal) Animal Book

written by Julie Segal-Walters
Simon & Schuster

A true-to-life behind the scenes look at how books are made. The author thinks she’s in charge, but as everyone knows, the illustrator is the real star of the show. This book started out as a regular book about animals. Julie and I started out as friends. Everything went downhill from there. Coming October 2017.

Noisy Night

written by Mac Barnett
Roaring Brook/Macmillan

It’s a noisy night in this city building! The residents of each floor can hear their neighbors above them, and are wondering what’s going on above their heads. Climb floor by floor and page by page to find out whose singing, dancing, cheering, and cooing are keeping a grumpy old man awake.
I cannot tell you how excited I am about this book. Mac wrote a weird, perfect little script full of onomatopoeia and interesting characters, and I got to run a little wild with it. Reviewed in the New York Times on April 9, 2017.

Tinyville Town


Written by me. Tinyville Town is where I’ve lived all my life. You live there too. This is series of books about this town and the people who live there. Three books are being published simultaneously this fall.

Frank Einstein

written by Jon Scieszka

A series of six books about a boy and his robots, and building antimatter motors, and saving the town, and a chimpanzee who speaks in sign-language, and a giant pink squirt-gun, and energy, and space, and gee, what else could you want? Read more.

Football with Dad

written by Frank Berrios
Little Golden Books

“Rise and shine, son!” says Dad. “Today is Sunday — game day!” My second Little Golden Book. I’ll be posting much more about this real soon. In the meantime here is a link to Random House’s page.

Dog Days of School

written by Kelly DiPucchio

Charlie doesn’t want to go to school. He wishes he could stay home like his dog Norman gets to do. Charlie should be careful what he wishes for.

Everything Goes

Balzer + Bray

A three-book series, beginning with Everything Goes: On Land in September 2011, Everything Goes: In the Air in 2012, and Everything Goes; By Sea in 2013. These are the first kid’s book that I both wrote and illustrated. Published by Balzer + Bray. Honk honk beep beep!

The Boy Who Cried Alien

written by Marilyn Singer

Aliens crash-land and Larry the Liar has to convince his neighbors what he’s seen.

EllRay Jakes

written by Sally Warner
Viking Books for Young Readers

Ellray is the shortest kid in his class. He’s got lots of other issues as well. This is a nine-book series written by Sally Warner. I illustrated all the covers, but only the interior of books 4 through 9. I know, it’s complicated. It’s a terrific series.

I’m a T. Rex

written by Dennis Shealy
Little Golden Books

“I’m a T. rex!
I ROARRRR and I romp!
I GRRROWWLLL and I stomp!”

Brownie & Pearl

by Cynthia Rylant
Beach Lane Books/Simon & Schuster, 2009-2011

An eight-book series by the great Cynthia Rylant. Brownie is a little teensy girl, Pearl is her little teensy cat, and they have big large adventures.

Roscoe Riley Rules

Roscoe Riley Rules

by Katherine Applegate
HarperCollins, 2008-2009

A seven-book series written by Katherine Applegate and published by HarperCollins. Roscoe gets into trouble a lot, even though he always has the best of intentions.

Beastly Rhymes

written by Judy Sierra
Knopf, 2008

Judy Sierra wrote a series of really funny spooky poems, and I got to draw some fun pictures. And yes, the book cover is furry. For real.

Camp Out!

written by Lynn Brunelle
Workman, 2007

You say your parents never take you camping? Well it’s not their fault. They just haven’t read this book. It’s really well-written, well-designed, and the illustrations are ok too. It fits in tents and backpacks.

One Beastly Beast

by Garth Nix
HarperCollins, 2007

Four really terrific short stories by Garth Nix about aliens, pirate rats, smart kids, a girl who is a penguin, sea serpents, and mice flying airplanes. This is rich.

Goofball Malone, Ace Detective

by Stephen Mooser
Grosset & Dunlap

Goofball is a detective and he solves mysteries in this two-book series.


by Wendelin Van Draanen
Knopf, 2004-2006

My first entry into books for kids. Shredderman is a great series about a kid named Nolan and his quest for justice. Shred on!

Un Mode de Transport

Editions du Rouergue, 2004

A mostly wordless book about things that go for a French publisher.

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