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Between 1991 and 1999, long before I even dreamed of making children’s books, I wrote and drew comics and graphic novels. I wasn’t a fan of super-hero comics growing up. It was while living in Paris France in 1989 that I was introduced to the likes of Moebius, Raw Magazine, Enki Bilal, Jaques Tardi, and Edward Gorey.
These works aren’t exactly for kids. They’re not “adult” in the pejorative sense. But if you pick up one of these, just make sure you’re comfortable with the material before handing it down to little junior.

Frederick & Eloise cover

Frederick & Eloise

Fantagraphics, 1993

I was just out of college in 1991 when I began working on what ended up being Frederick & Eloise. Inspired by the work of Edward Gorey, Jacques Tardi, and Jim Jarmusch’s film Stranger Than Paradise, Frederick is an odd little creature of a book.

Dear Julia, graphic novel cover

Dear Julia,

Top Shelf, 2000

Dear Julia, was written and drawn between 1993 and 1997 and originally published in four parts (see below). It’s about a man who, as the story begins, is perched on the seventh-floor window of an apartment building, believing he can fly.

Dear Julia, graphic novel cover

Dear Julia, the original series

Black Eye Press, 1995-1997

I originally wrote Dear Julia, as a series of four individual comics. These were published by Black Eye Press. Now and then I get emails from people who accidentally find these in a comic shop, or in their neighbor’s recycle, and had no previous idea that they exist. The covers are quite different from the graphic novel, and since they are so completely different from the work I do now, it’s kind of fun to show them off here.

Nineteen weird guys mini comic

Nineteen Weird Guys and a
Portrait of the Artist

self-published mini comic, 1997

I was heading to Chicago to a comic con and needed something to sell while there. I went through my sketchbooks and picked out nineteen weird guys…

Interim mini comic


self-published mini comic, 1997

In October 1997 I had just completed Dear Julia, and I was leaving for an eleven-day comics festival in Oporto Portugal. I wanted to make something for the occasion, preferably something that was legible in both English and Portuguese…

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