Dear Julia,

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Dear Julia, (yes, the comma is part of the title) is my second graphic novel. Originally published by Black Eye Press in Montreal as a four-part serial in 1995-97, the collected edition was published by Top Shelf in 2000. Dear Julia, is the story of Boyd Soloman and his obsession with flying. In fact, when the story opens, Boyd is perched on the ledge of his apartment, eight stories above the street.

Dear Julia by Brian Biggs

The entire story is told through a letter that Boyd is writing to someone named Julia, and involves a vacation in Arizona, a collection of birds, horrible auto accidents, a strange little man named Leo, talking pigeons, and a dead guy in the desert.
Dear Julia, was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2001, which is the comics equivalent of, I don’t know, an Oscar I guess, for Best Graphic Novel (Reprint). It can be ordered through Top Shelf, as well as the normal outlets like Amazon.

The book has twice been adapted as a motion picture. The first was by a film student at RISD in 2001, and the second was by a filmmaker in Belgium in 1993. They are wonderful and each different in interesting ways from the other. The Belgian version is presented here:

Around the same time that the book was published by Top Shelf, it was also published in French by a Montréal company called La Pasteque. I didn’t do the translation, but I hand-lettered the entire book over again in French, and prayed that there were no typos.

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And lastly, here are some pages from the book (in English).

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