the illustration section

Most of my hours on this earth are spent drawing pictures. Here, I'd like to show you what I've been up to. The illustration galleries are currently having some issues. The images are there, but not much in the way of descriptions, and you have to reload when looking at the larger imgages, it seems. Stay tuned. I'll get it worked out. Thanks.

cats and dogs helmet

toys & games

Puzzles, toys, games, bicycle helmets, and so on. Clients includes Mudpuppy, Cranium, Bell Sports, The Museum of Modern Art.


editorial & advertising

A portfolio work made for magazines, newspapers, and advertising clients, mostly.

the race cars

collage and mixed media, 2009

This series of race cars was created in 2009.

Ten Trick or Treaters

October 2008

It was a contest on my website. You can follow the whole thing here (though it’s backwards, newest first…).

Gomez Poster



I’ve designed several posters for Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco.