taking pictures

I’ve had a few pictures licensed in relatively interesting ways. You can also follow my Instagram feed, which I update almost daily.

USPS ad campaign

I took this picture of my kids in 2006, while we were decorating for Christmas.

so this is christmas...

Eight months later, someone from an ad agency representing the US Postal Service called me up and asked if they could use it in a very large ad campaign for the USPS’ holiday season. They’d seen it on Flickr. We negotiated a price, and for a few weeks in November and December 2007, it was really great to see Wilson and Elliot in USA Today, on the USPS website, and in mailers sent all over the country.


This photo was taken in Shenandoah National Park in the summer of 2006. Years later, Subaru licensed it for posters and other materials to be used in their dealerships.

day 1: more fog in Shenandoah Ntl Park

My wife and I were looking at Subarus in August 2012 when we saw it in a dealership in Cherry Hill, NJ.

my mom and my subaru

Subaru poster

Dirtrag Magazine

Dirtrag Magazine, a magazine about and for mountain-bike nerds, feature two of my photos of one of my bikes in their July 2014 Rider’s Eye department.



140419_spring one9_004sm

National Geographic Traveler

When I was a kid, just learning about photography, I thought that one day it would be pretty amazing to be published in National Geographic. I imagined myself a world-traveling photographer, visiting amazing cities and exotic locations.
So it’s really satisfying that I did indeed have a photo published by National Geographic, but in their Traveler magazine. And it’s hilariously ironic that the photo was taken at an airport on Christmas Eve in my hometown of Philadelphia. You never know.

101029_national geographic traveler2_001

Here’s the original photo.

And here’s one I wish they’d used!