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find that taco!

September 2nd, 2011

Last month I made a couple of big complicated illustrations for a restaurant chain out in California called Rubio’s. They specialize in fish tacos and wanted a “Where’s Waldo” kinda thing that would be the basis for this game where you have to find certain items, fish tacos among them. The first game went up while I was away in Oregon last week, and the next one will be up on September 21.
Go up and see if you can beat my time of 38 seconds. Of course, I had a head start I guess.

Here’s the game.

(You apparently have to input your email address. Sorry about that.)

Book by its Cover

August 22nd, 2008

I was so so so excited today to find that my book Un Mode de Transport was written about the other day on my favoritest blog, Julia Rothman’s ‘Book By Its Cover.’ I’ve spent a lot of money as a direct result of Julia’s reviews, and discovered a lot of artists and books that I otherwise would not have. When I saw that she had written about that Play Pen book that I am in a while back, I sent her a copy of Transport, since that was the book of mine that was written about in Play Pen (still with me?). I was taking a break from picture-drawing today and when I went to the site I fell of my chair and danced for a minute. I like it when people say nice things. I really do.

Book By Its Cover